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Emergency Leave (Personal Days)

The Board and the Association agree that students learn best when their educational processes are uninterrupted.  However, the parties recognize that teachers do experience emergencies or need time to conduct pressing personal business which cannot be scheduled outside of the regular school day.


Therefore, teachers will receive leaves for the following reasons:


Special emergencies and special personal obligations:  This category includes special family emergencies as well as major personal obligations such as family funerals, children's graduation exercises, family medical tests/treatment.  Such leave in this general category is limited to three days per year.  In extreme emergencies special exceptions to this leave provision can be granted by the Superintendent.

Legal action:  such as appearance in court, or dealings with state and federal agencies.  Requests for such leave shall be supported with documentation that such attendance is required during the school day, and such leave shall be limited to three (3) days per year.


Jury Duty:  Teachers called to jury duty shall promptly notify the Superintendent of jury duty (within one week of receipt of written notification).  Teachers who are not excused from jury duty shall be authorized to be absent with pay to fulfill the jury duty obligation without charge to sick, emergency or other leave of absence, provided that the teacher assigns any compensation for jury duty to the Board.


Special religious holidays


The staff member, where possible, should notify in writing both the principal and the Superintendent three days prior to the proposed absence.


In notifying the administration of a request for personal leave, only the general categories listed above need be designated for requesting such leave, except that teachers shall not be required to provide a reason for personal leave for one (1) day per year provided that the personal leave is not immediately before or after a weekend, long weekend, holiday or vacation period, or from May 1 through the end of the school year. Upon request of the Superintendent or designee, the reason for leave and why it is necessary during school time shall be reviewed at a meeting with the Superintendent's designee, the teacher and, if requested by the teacher, a representative of the Association


Personal leave for the purpose of extending vacation periods or holidays cannot receive administrative approval.  Absence for this reason will result in loss of pay unless the circumstances causing the absence are beyond the control of the individual.  In such cases, the individual should provide written explanation of the circumstances causing the absence to the Superintendent's office for approval.

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