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Absence for Illness


Each professional staff member is, under the laws of the State of Connecticut (Section 10-156), entitled to fifteen days of sick leave per year and unused days may accumulate as follows: teachers to a total of 185, so long as the employee remains continuously in the service of the Board of Education. The Board of Education, at its discretion, may grant a leave with pay for reasons of health. Staff members shall receive at least annual notification of accumulated sick leave.

Absence for doctor and dentist appointments and scheduled medical examinations should not be scheduled by staff members at times when they have specific school assignments. In cases where this is unavoidable due to lengthy medical examinations or treatment, the staff member shall charge this to his or her accumulated sick leave. Medical tests/treatment for family members requiring the presence of the staff member shall be treated as personal leave.


Evidence of bona fide absence may be required of a teacher to substantiate the cause of absence at the discretion of the Superintendent or the Board of Education.


If a teacher exhausts sick leave, he or she shall have the right, upon written request, to meet with the Board at its next scheduled meeting (at least seven days after the request) to request that sick leave be extended.


Absence because of death or serious illness in the Immediate Family


Teachers will receive leave without loss of compensation because of death or serious illness in the immediate family (parents, in-laws, grandparents, spouse, child, brother or sister or other family members in residence) not to exceed five (5) days except at the discretion of the Superintendent.  For the purposes of this provision, "serious illness" is defined as a condition resulting in hospitalization.

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