Post date: Oct 19, 2011 3:43:26 PM

Dear CEA Member:

Congress has begun reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA), currently known as No Child Left Behind. I am in Washington, D.C., meeting with Senator Blumenthal, who is on the HELP (Health Education Labor and Pension) committee in charge of this legislation. I will also be in touch with Senator Lieberman to encourage him to do the right thing.

I need your help to ensure Senator Blumenthal and Senator Lieberman hear us every step of the way. Our voice needs to be clear: Students and teachers across our country and in our state deserve better than what is being proposed. To do this, I need you to contact Senators Blumenthal and Lieberman. Below are some points as well as a link to the NEA web site you can use as a guide. Remember, using your own words is always immeasurably more effective than simply forwarding a form letter.

• Congress has a chance to get it right this time.

• Add multiple measures for school performance.

• Provide for models to turn around struggling schools that are based on research, locally developed ideas and that engage all stakeholders.

• Give teachers a voice in developing effective evaluation systems.


E-mail Senators Blumenthal & Lieberman - ask them to ensure ESEA reauthorization is done right.

The last time Congress reauthorized ESEA, lawmakers passed No Child Left Behind.

This time, we need to make Congress pass OUR test – and actually help students and schools. This time, we want Congress to propose a bill designed to help those in the classroom—students and teachers.

The Senate HELP committee bill is off to a bad start:

• Still relies heavily on outcomes of test scores instead of supporting true multiple measures of school performance.

• Prescribes top-down models of school turnaround for struggling schools that are not based on research, don’t work, and ignore promising, locally-developed ideas to help students.

We know this is the wrong policy for students and teachers, but there is still time to improve this bill! That is why I am in Washington, D.C., meeting with our Senators and need you to contact each of them as well.

I am reminding them teachers know what works in classrooms and for students. I am asking them to stop, think it through, and do ESEA reauthorization in a manner that will benefit our students. And, I am telling them teachers are aware of what they are doing, we disapprove, and we want positive changes NOW.

If you contact our senators right away, together we can make sure ESEA reauthorization is done right.

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