"The Enemy of the Public"

Post date: Oct 7, 2010 12:50:17 PM

Imagine that Republican Tom Foley becomes governor, and he focuses his attention on making teachers “the enemy of the public.” That’s the disturbing image that Democrat Dan Malloy raised in the first televised debate between the candidates last night.


Malloy has good reason to be concerned about Foley’s intentions. And you – as a teacher – do, too. That’s because Foley wants to eliminate teacher tenure and binding arbitration. The policy differences between Malloy and Foley are stark. Foley wants to reduce teachers’ rights with everything from the your job security to the teacher retirement system on the chopping block.

Foley wants to turn over public sector jobs to private companies. “I’ll feel an obligation as governor… if we can provide something more cheaply by using an outside contractor, then we have an obligation to do so,” Foley said in last night’s debate. In education, privatization means parochial and private school vouchers, which would drain public schools of precious resources and outsource teaching jobs.

The education system that Foley wants to create would be chaotic with no job security for teachers.


The race for governor is too close to call, according to some pollsters. You need to vote on Tuesday, November 2. CEA has endorsed Dan Malloy for governor because he’s the only candidate teachers can count on to respect them, their profession, and the hard work they do every day.

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Teachers are being scapegoated. Too often, they tell CEA, they feel disrespected and dismissed in the school reform debate. The new movie, Waiting for Superman, which is highly critical of public schools, opens at theaters in Connecticut on October 15. Meanwhile, politicians, who want to turn back the clock on teachers’ rights, will turn up the volume against teachers as Election Day approaches. Teachers need to unite. To spark enthusiasm, please LISTEN.