Reform Alert!

Post date: Feb 8, 2012 12:58:45 AM

Dear Colleagues, As you know, CEA has a seat on the Performance Evaluation Advisory Council (PEAC), which is designing the framework for the new teacher evaluation system in our state. CEA will also have seats on other PEAC work groups that will focus on more specific details of evaluation.

To help guide our work and advocacy for a fair, comprehensive, meaningful evaluation system, we’d like to know what questions you have. To help assure that we don’t miss any details, and we understand your concerns clearly, we’ve created four different email addresses to which you can send questions, based on the topic. Those topics and mailboxes are :

1. using student test scores in evaluation -

2. using other indicators of student growth -

3. observation of teacher performance and professional practice -

4. student and parent feedback -

Please follow the steps below to send questions from you and your colleagues:

1. Select the mailbox to send an email message to by clicking on the link above – a new email window will open.

2. Choose ONE of the headings below, and cut and paste it into the subject line of your email:

a. special education teacher

b. I teach HS subject - CAPT in my subject

c. I teach MS or HS subject - no CAPT or CMT in my subject

d. I teach in regular elementary class – students take CMT

e. I teach in regular elementary class - students do not take CMT

f. My field is guidance, social worker, psychologist

g. I do not teach students directly

3. Type only your question in the body of the email (please do not give a lot of background information…we’ll contact you if we need more).

4. Optional – type the district in which you work.

Following these steps will help us sort questions and assure we don’t overlook any. PEAC met this morning to continue work on the framework for principal evaluation and will meet again later this month. As work continues over the next several weeks, there will be more changes, more decisions made, and more challenges. CEA will keep you informed via email, the CEA web site, and information provided to your local association president and Uni Serv representative. Thank you for continuing to help us advocate for you and our students!

Best regards,

Phil Apruzzese Mary Loftus Levine

CEA President CEA Executive Director