NCEA Candidates for President

Post date: Mar 6, 2018 12:29:27 AM

Vivian Birdsall

I have had the privilege of serving as your president for over a decade and once again, I am asking for your support for the office of President of the New Canaan Education Association. During my tenure as president I have worked closely with many of you to resolve both personal and professional concerns. In addition, I have continued to represent you on issues at the district, state and national level.

Over the past several years, I have listened to your concerns, answered your questions, and advocated for you whether it is during school hours, at night or on weekends. I am always on call for our members.

Facing us now is an attack on unions across the country from a federal court decision. This will have a great impact on all unions, including ours. This decision will require our union to have a strong voice and deliver a clear message. This requires an experienced leader who understands and has the expertise to meet this head on.

Our executive board continues to represent the members in each of our schools. And I continue to encourage any NCEA member to become involved on any level.

Leading the teachers of New Canaan is a tremendous responsibility and one in which I take great pride. I ask for your support to continue in this role.

There are 410 voting members of the NCEA. Your vote counts!

Together, we are one voice.

Jim Zambarano

Please help me become your next NCEA President.


My vision is to bring back a sense of community within our association. This is my fourth year back as a building representative, I still can’t help but notice the lack of involvement by most members. We, as an association, do a great job of signing up members but then most don’t get involved. I have a few ideas on how to put the band back together. I would like to send out weekly updates. Being informed on a weekly basis might seem like too much, but I feel most of you will be amazed at how much the union does EVERY WEEK. I would like to bring back term limits. I believe this will help foster members to get involved in leadership roles. I feel our by-laws need revisiting to make it easier to get involved in leadership positions. Currently, you need to be a member of the executive board to even run for office. This seems to me to be a bit self-serving as no one outside the “inner circle” can run. The Labor Management Reporting and Disclosure Act only require a member to be in “good standing” to run for office. This means if you pay your dues you can run for an elected union position. We have too many faculty members who have never been a building rep, a negotiator, or held any elected union position. If you want to keep a great school great you need to get involved, it doesn’t just happen by itself. I’m still working on a district picnic event during convocation or during one of those first few PL days. Last year’s opening only had one PL day which was the reason the idea was pushed off until possibly this coming year’s opening days… I’m hopeful. Whether I win or lose, I will continue as a building rep and try my best to help steer the association in a direction I feel is best. Thank you for considering me for your vote.


I have been a teacher hear at New Canaan for 24 years. I served several years as a building rep for the high school in the beginning of my career before becoming the NCEA treasurer for four years. I have also been a member of the negotiation team. I am currently serving my tenth year as the Department Chair for the Career and Technical Education Department. I have also chaired several faculty committees as well as serving on several hiring committees. If you’d like to put a face with a name, please visit the links below as I was awarded CTEEA’s 2017 Teacher of the Year.

Again… thanks for considering me for your NCEA President. Even if you don’t vote for me please get involved and vote, it’s your union.