Important message to NCEA Members:

Post date: Mar 11, 2012 11:16:06 PM

Come to Saxe on Thursday!

The NCEA will host a letter writing campaign and information session on March 22 in the Saxe cafeteria. It should take 10 minutes of your time. You will be provided with computers to email your representatives and paper, envelopes, and stamps to write to your representatives. We will begin at 2:15 and stay until 5:00. We need your voice to join with all of the teachers of Connecticut to stop the parts of this bill that will hurt your profession and education in Connecticut.

Legislators on the Education Committee of the Connecticut General Assembly are considering an education reform bill that impacts our profession.

Governor’s Bill No. 24 is an education reform agenda, which contains elements that are untested and not in the best interests of the teachers in Connecticut. CEA President Phil Apruzzese asks that you act now to protect the improvements in student achievement you have made and promote quality schools to enable all students to compete in a global economy. Phil Apruzzese’s letter to CEA members’ states,

The governor’s bill would:

base teacher certification – a teacher's license to teach – on evaluations from principals instead of on a teacher’s training, experience, and education level;

take collective bargaining rights away from teachers in our lowest performing schools;

take significant control away from local school districts and place it completely in the hands of the state commissioner of education;

shift local funding away from neighborhood schools, already struggling with diminished resources, to charter schools; and

impose experimental programs that have not been proven to work.

Please tell your legislators that teachers’ voices are necessary to ensure practical and research-based education reform—the kind of reform contained in A View from the Classroom: Proven Ideas for Student Achievement. Please also tell them you support the elements of the governor’s education bill that align with our View from the Classroom, specifically:

improving access to early childhood programs;

creating a career ladder for master teachers;

moving from CEUs to embedded professional development for educators;

focusing resources on low-performing schools to close the achievement gap;

creating local models of innovation; and

raising standards for teacher preparation programs.

Hope to see you Thursday any time between 2:15 and 5.

Together We Are One Voice

Vivian Birdsall

NCEA President