Help Keep Insurance Rates in Check!

Post date: Jun 17, 2011 2:55:25 PM

Although SB 11 –An Act Concerning the Rate Approval Process for Certain Health Insurance Policies passed the House and the Senate by wide margins, we are concerned about the possibility of a veto of SB 11 by Governor Malloy. Let's ensure that we have the ability to help to keep insurance rates in check. CEA supported this bill. SB 11 could help to protect consumers from runaway health insurance cost increases. SB 11 could help to control the cost of individual policies (including long-term care), small employer group health insurance, HMOs, and hospital and medical service corporations.

What you can do:

1. Forward this email to your networks. We need a high volume of calls into the Governor's Office!

2. Please call the Governor’s Office yourself and urge Governor Malloy to sign SB 11 into law.

The Governor’s Office: (860) 566-4840

Description of SB 11:

The bill calls for the Insurance Commissioner to hold a symposium when any entity files a rate increase of 10% or more at the request of the Attorney General or the Health Care Advocate. The symposium date, time, and place must be conspicuously publicized on the Insurance Department’s website. The bill authorizes the Health Care Advocate, the Attorney General, or both, to present evidence, information, and a closing argument at any rate filing symposium held. It requires the Insurance Commissioner to help these officials obtain the department’s rate filing records. And, in making the decision to approve, disapprove, or modify a rate filing, the Commissioner must consider any oral or written comments made or submitted at each symposium and written comments submitted directly to the Insurance Department.