Certification Aftershock

Post date: Mar 19, 2010 1:35:41 PM

Dear Colleagues,

Teacher certification in Connecticut is under attack and we need the help of ALL our members to stop it. CEA has launched the CERTIFICATION AFTERSHOCK campaign to inform teachers of the proposed changes to certification, the impact this will have on teachers and students, and CEA’s ideas for alternatives. At the All Presidents meeting on Monday, an overview of the issues was given and materials were distributed for local leaders to share with members. The CEA web site has extensive information about this grave issue.

We need you to get involved by attending one of the four certification hearings the State Department of Education will hold in April, writing testimony for CEA to submit to the State Department of Education (SDE), or emailing comments about the proposals to CEA so we can compile and give to them the SDE. Go to www.cea.org to sign up today and to get more details.

The AFTERSHOCK of the proposed changes, should they be adopted, will be significant and will negatively affect teachers and students for several years. It’s time for us to unite as a profession, make our voices heard, and take action to prevent CERTIFICATION AFTERSHOCK. Please talk with your members, local president, and CEA UniServ representative to get involved. Go to www.cea.org to sign up to attend a hearing, find out how to testify or how to submit comments. For more detailed information or if you have questions contact Linetteb@cea.org. Thank you. Act now!