CEA's Mass Demonstrations

Post date: Apr 18, 2012 10:46:42 PM

Tuesday, April 24, 2012 - Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Stand Up for Education!

The Education Committee’s adoption of an alternative to the Governor’s Education Bill #24—Substitute Bill #24—is a dramatic, positive reflection of your dedication to your students and your commitment to political advocacy. However, our work is not over. Substitute Bill #24 is a work in progress, and your communications with your legislators must continue.

Join your colleagues and legislators on the lawn of the Capitol in Hartford! Bus transportation provided.

Positive elements in Substitute SB 24

• Create 1,000 new pre-K slots.

• Provide funding for needy districts for wrap around services (social-emotional supports, family support, and physical health and wellness) and family resource centers.

• Restore collective bargaining to enhance teaching and learning conditions.

• Decouple evaluation, certification, and salary schedules.

• Improve the teacher evaluation system by ensuring that evaluation plans will include collaboration, professional development supports to continually improve teaching, and the validation of a new rating system.

• Enhance teacher standards by recognizing and requiring a master’s degree for the professional certificate.

• Create a new distinguished educator designation.

Further improvements

Recognizing that this “Year of Education” reform may be the most important period in a generation, please remind legislators that they can improve upon Substitute Bill 24 with the following actions:

• Encourage more parental and community involvement in schools.

• Elevate the teaching profession by instituting in teacher dismissal proceedings a “just cause” hearing—one afforded other employees in the public sector.

• Eliminate any reference to “money follows the child” funding since cash-starved schools cannot afford to lose resources.

• Require accountability and certification for superintendents.

• Ensure that charter schools serve the same academically diverse student populations as public schools.

Closing note

Substitute Bill #24 is a work in progress, and your communications with your legislators must continue.

Stand up for Education at the Capitol on Tuesday, April 24th and Wednesday, April 25th!

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