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Post date: Apr 5, 2011 12:36:46 PM

Friday, April 1, 2011

Contact Members of the Judiciary Committee and Urge Them to Vote in Favor of

SB 1163 An Act Concerning Assault of a School Employee

Request that members of the Judiciary Committee support S.B. No. 1163 (RAISED) JUDICIARY. 'AN ACT CONCERNING ASSAULT OF A SCHOOL EMPLOYEE' which will allow (but not require) anyone who assaults a school employee to be charged with a Class D felony, or a Serious Juvenile Offense if the individual is a juvenile.

If your state senator or representatives serve on the Judiciary Committee (find out from the list below) please use these bullet points to write them an email.

Ask the members of the Judiciary Committee to:

  • Treat teachers with the same level of respect and legal protection as employees who already have this protection under current state law, such as DCF workers, probation officers, EMTs, firefighters, and police officers. Unlike these employees, teachers are not trained to deal with potentially dangerous physical confrontations, so shouldn't teachers be covered by this law as well?
  • Put Connecticut in line with the 39 other states that already have a law providing enhanced criminal penalties for assaulting a school employee.
  • Consider that concerns about teenagers being branded with Class D felony convictions are unwarranted. The Juvenile Justice system does not recognize felonies or misdemeanors; respondents are convicted as delinquents whose records are subject to absolute erasure. They are never given anything close to felony status. A conviction of delinquency, subject to absolute confidentiality, in no way endangers the right to vote or enlist in the armed services. On the other hand, any adult who assaults a teacher who is acting in the performance of his or her duties as an educator, should face a felony charge. Moreover, the passage of this bill will not increase the number of defendants in the judicial system in that the law does not create a new crime but merely provides enhanced penalties for an action that already is illegal.

Just in the last four years, there have been over 6,400 reported assaults on school employees. If you were the victim of an assault at school, tell your legislators your story so that they appreciate that these assaults are increasingly common.

If you would like to read testimony from CEA staff and members that was presented to the Judiciary Committee, click on the links below.

Below is a list of the Judiciary Committee members. Please contact those who are from your community or live near you. Thank you for assisting in passing this important legislation.