Affordable Housing Opportunity

Post date: Oct 14, 2010 12:49:16 PM

Mill Apartments, an affordable housing development located at 41Millport Avenue in New Canaan, is accepting application for one, two and three bedroom rental housing units. Eligibility for these units is subject to household income limits under the federal Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) Program as well as the HOME Program.

Income limits are by household size and as follows:

1 Person = $ 52,800 2 Persons = $ 60,360

3 Persons = $ 67,920 4 Persons = $ 75,420

5 Persons = $ 81,489 6 Persons = $ 87,550

Applications will be subject to a lottery system to establish a waiting list for each bedroom size. Households living or working in New Canaan will have first priority. Applications received by November 1st will be included in the next lottery round.

Rents are $1,200 - $1,260 for a one bedroom

$1,475 - $1,525 for a two bedroom

$1,700 - $1,750 for a three bedroom.

All plus utilities.

Applications can be picked up at New Canaan Town Hall from the Human Resources Office or the First Selectman’s Office during regular Town Hall business hours.

The application can be requested via email at<> .

An application can be requested by mail care of Phoenix Management Corp., 101 Tresser Blvd., PO Box 1356, Stamford, CT 06904.

A copy of the application can be also be downloaded at www.newcanaan. info<http://www.newcanaan.%20info>