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Help the Alabama Education Association

posted May 1, 2011, 12:31 PM by Vice President NCEA

Two days ago, tornadoes ravaged the state of Alabama.  Alabama Education Association members lost their lives.  Four recruiters for AEA were killed in the storms.  Many AEA members have lost their homes or experienced other, equally devastating forms of financial hardship.  Our colleagues need our help.  Please be as generous as you can. Click below to hear the message to AEA members from AEA Executive Director Paul Hubbert.   Today we are all Alabama. Thanks for all you can do!





In the aftermath of one of the most devastating and tragic weather events in Alabama, AEA is still assessing the destruction and loss of life of AEA members and the families of the students they teach and care for in the schools across much of central and north Alabama.


The losses are almost unbelievable and heartbreaking. The quickest and best way to help our members in need is by giving to the Alabama Education Association Foundation. AEA members can write a check to the AEA Foundation to go to members in need. Mail it today to P.O. Box 4177, Montgomery, AL 36103.


AEA can best help our members in need by using monetary contributions through the Foundation. Send a check to the AEA Foundation, P.O. Box 4177, Montgomery AL 36103.


Please help today. And keep all of those suffering losses from the devastating events yesterday in your thoughts and prayers as we here at AEA are doing.