Personnel File

posted Mar 10, 2011, 8:13 AM by Vice President NCEA

All staff should make an appointment periodically with the Human Resources office to check their personnel file. This is important for a number of reasons:

1.     If you are interested in moving columns on the salary schedule, before you begin your coursework, you should check your file to make sure it contains all of your credits and transcripts. You want to make sure that the HR dept. has all your documentation before you are ready to move columns, not after you’ve submitted the paperwork.

2.     Check to make sure all of your evaluations are in the file.  You should also maintain your own copies of these documents.  If it becomes necessary to review any past evaluations, it is better to know they are safely in your file than come to realize they may be missing at a time when it is crucial for you to obtain them.

3.     According to our contract, anything placed in the personnel folder related to the teacher’s conduct, service or character would be forwarded to the teacher at the time they are placed in the file. Make sure you are aware of all the documents in your file.

Here’s the contract language:


Article 3: Personnel Folders

Basic information is to be retained in the folders of all members of the professional staff employed on salary schedule:


1. Copies of official records (transcripts, grade reports or placement folders}, either in paper or mutually-agreed secure electronic format, which bear evidence of the degrees granted.


2.  Written verification of previous experience.  This need not be secured before the candidate is employed, but should be completed early in the first year of service in New Canaan.


3.  If military service is recognized, there should be a Photostat copy of the discharge or service record indicating length of service.


4.  There should be a form upon which the teacher lists the courses submitted for additional credit on the salary schedule. Transcripts to be held in the files as verification of these credits should back up this list.  This record should be complete before the salary change is approved.


5.  At the time of employment, the amount of service credit given, the step on the salary schedule and the actual salary shall be noted on the application form.