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December 1, 2010

Know Your Contract!

This year has been very stressful for teachers in all districts in Connecticut.  Our district is no exception. The new mandates around Response to Intervention, RTI, have insisted on dramatic changes in classroom practices.  Our teachers have had the added stress of having duties for the first time in many years.  Moral is always an issue when the stress of change becomes overwhelming. 


There has been a lot of confusion about the implementation of the new duties.  Our new contract reads:  For one semester each year, each teacher may be required to participate in duty assignments, including hall duty playground duty, recess, cafeteria duty, auditorium duty, bus duty, in-school suspension, computer lab, and/or study hall, as assigned by the building principal.  At the middle and high school levels, said duty assignments shall be no more than the equivalent of one period per day.  At the elementary level, said duty assignments shall be for no more than one hundred twenty-five minutes per week.  Duties shall be prorated for part-time.  Duties shall be distributed equitably at each school.


Any teacher who has asked their supervisor for a reasonable duty change has been granted that change.  If this is an issue for you please talk to your administrator.  Ronna and I are both available for any questions or concerns you may have.  Please use the NCEA email on this website to contact us privately. 


Vivian Birdsall

NCEA President

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