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Pat Powell-Saxe Middle School

Pat Powell has been a long time teacher and friend in the New Canaan School District.  25 of her 35 years of teaching have been in New Canaan.  In 1985, Pat began teaching at New Canaan High School before transferring to Saxe 3 years later.  Outside of teaching Math, Pat could have been found holding several other jobs.  She was the Math Instructional Leader for several years, one of the Saxe representatives on the K-12 curriculum review board and was instrumental in bringing the Faculty Senate to Saxe.  She served as the Senate’s first Vice President as well as Senate Chair.  She brought the Fairfield County Math League, Middle School Division to New Canaan in 1989 and was the Saxe Math Team coach for 20 years! She also served as a NCEA building representative and VP of the association for several years.   Go Pat!

Pat has always been known to give great advice to her fellow colleagues.  Pat notes that she has been challenged and rewarded over the years, but that she’s probably learned as much from her students and colleagues as she’s learned from them.  “You get out of teaching what you put into it”.  Pat always welcomes students to return and visit to tell her how they are doing.  She’s especially gratified when they thank her for something she taught them that has helped them to be successful. 

 Pat plans to take advantage of her retirement.  She and her husband are relocating to Coastal North Carolina to be closer to her sons and their growing families.  She plans to travel more, especially with extended trips overseas.  She’s an avid boater, reader and loves to play golf although she doesn’t give herself credit for being good at it.  She recently became interested in photography and would love to do more with pen and ink and watercolors that she used to do “PC&J” which pat refers to as “pre children and job”. 

Pat has a few pieces of advice to help us all survive our remaining years of teaching.  She reminds us that although sometimes our students frustrate the “daylights” out of us, there is a parent or guardian who loves those children and sees all their good qualities; someday some of us may be the parent in the parent conference and then it’s a whole new perspective.  Pat reminds us to approach things from a positive perspective and try to aim for what students need in order to be successful rather than what they don’t need.  Don’t be afraid of admitting you don’t know something and always explore with your students.  Also, remember to be nice to custodians and secretaries because they are essential for your well being and sanity! Save time for yourself daily and over the summer to recharge your batteries or the creativity and enthusiasm will die.  Oh, and start saving for retirement now because it will come faster than you think it will!