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Gail Mann

Gail Mann has been an educator since 1971, and has been in New Canaan since 1977.  During her teaching career, she has taught every grade from kindergarten through 4
th grade.  She was also a reading specialist, and was the ILT for support staff at South.  She was a mentor for the BEST program, a Professional Development representative for South, and a NCEA representative for South School for several years.  She sat on many committees, including the Social Committee, many interview committees, and committees to develop the Social Studies and Language Arts curriculum.  She received Tri-State training and participated in several Tri-State visits.
Gail’s favorite teaching moments all have to do with when one of her students finally saw him/herself as a reader.  That moment when the child said “I can do this” would make her day! Gail also got an email recently from a parent who never thought she would see the day when her son wouldn’t want to put a book down, and she wanted to thank Gail for helping to make that happen.  Gail is most proud of the fact that her feelings and passion for teaching young children to read has not changed from the very first day she had her own classroom.  She knows she has helped hundreds of children not only learn to read but learn to love reading.  She is also very proud of the Language Arts and Reading curriculum she helped write and revise over the years, and her role in improving reading instruction in New Canaan.Gail’s reflections and advice go hand in hand.  First, remember it is always about what’s best for the students. Secondly, keep your mind open to new ideas, and always be a lifelong learner, and thirdly, don’t get set in your ways; be open to new strategies and new research.  Lastly, join school and district committees and be involved with what is happening around you.   Gail’s interests outside of school include hiking, skiing, reading, traveling, and her family.  Her plans for the immediate future include moving to Sedona (the day school ends!) with her husband.  She also hopes to go to Spain in September. (what a concept!)What will she never do again?  Take a 1st grade class to the Bronx Zoo on a hot summer day while 8 months pregnant!